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3D Egyptian Pictures

3D pictures have been around for 170 or so years before the invention of modern 3D that we have in our homes and Cinema today.

Early 3D was known as Stereography which placed two images side by side and used a special viewer to see the 3D effect. The user had to slot a picture card into the rather cumbersome viewer.


your brain will see the depth to the picture. To do this simply let your eyes relax.

The images in the following galleries were collected from various sources from around the world and are all in the public domain. Most notably the set of “Egypt: Through the stereoscope” by Underwood and Underwood are one of the best picture sets of the 1800’s, some of which are presented in the following galleries.

3D stereoscope image of the  pyramids

If you have any difficulties using the 3D galleries please use the 3D Help Button.

The 3D effect that are contained in the following pages are produced by viewing 2 images side by side and using some software overlaying one against the other that when viewed with a pair of these        

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