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Height of power

Circa 1400 BC


Muwatalli II (battle of Kadesh)

Capital City


Chief deity

Tarhunt ‘Lord of the Land of Hatti’

Notable weapons


Famous battles


Modern day location


The Hittites

The most famous and well documented conflict  took

place in year 5 of Ramesses II (The Great) reign in

1274 BC on Egypt’s most northern occupied border in


Muwatalli II had forayed into Egypt controlled Canaan

taking several forts and towns into his control. The Hittite army had a fierce reputation for showing

no mercy to the subjugated and word spread quickly to Ramesses.  Ramesses was tricked by Hittite

spies and led to believe that the main army was further away and so walked into a trap (cue Admiral

Ackbar). The Hittite chariots routed the Ra division of Ramesses army and whilst reinforcements were

a while away went on to attack the Amun camp. After realising his error Ramesses led a series of

counter attacks himself and routed the Hittite chariots. Meanwhile the Ptah division reinforces other

regiments as the main body of Muwatalli’s force battled with the Egyptians.

The outcome of this battle is uncertain, but Ramesses celebrated it on the walls of temples.